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South Florida Summer Skies & Lightning
Group Leader - Robert Chaplin
July 01-05, 2015
4 Participants

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                                                                                                                                © Robert Chaplin


                                             © Peter Sidell

Summer time in South Florida is the best time to photograph dramatic skies. We will photograph sunrises, sunsets, landscapes, seascapes, and lightning when available. We will walk into the swamp to photograph the flora that you will not see from the road. Lightning triggers will be given to all participants. These are devices that connect to your camera and fire the shutter when they sense lightning occurring.


                      ©Robert Chaplin                                ©Robert Chaplin                                  ©Robert Chaplin  



                                             © Robert Chaplin



Includes  one full day in the Florida Keyes.


                                                                           ©Robert Chaplin                                


South Florida is rich in other photo targets.  Here are some ideas of other subjects we will pursue:

Landscapes, Alligators, Sunrises, Sunsets, Birds, Florida Tree Snail (Endangered Species), Upper Keys shore lines and seascapes, Water Spouts (if associated with storms), & Rainbows


                              ©Robert Chaplin                       ©Robert Chaplin                                     ©Robert Chaplin   


Loaner Equipment Provided For the workshop:

Therma Cell Mosquito control

Bug Tamer Bug Suit


Fanny Pack to carry above equipment

                              ©Robert Chaplin                              ©Robert Chaplin                          



Other Notes:

       This workshop is five full days so we can take advantage of South Florida’s summertime storm patterns.

     We are scheduled during a full moon.

     We will photograph  fire works on the 4th.

While every attempt will be made to place the client in the best location for lightning, we are still at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Lightning can be very dangerous. We will all be together in one vehicle and operate safely outside the edge of the storms, and not in the middle of the storms.


Fees:  $1575 (includes transportation during the workshop and airport pick up( arrive June 30)/ drop off (depart July 06) please see airport transportation guidelines). July 05 will be a full day of shooting, plan to return home on the 6th. The $1575 includes a lightning trigger for each participant to keep.  Attendee can deduct $370 if they have a lightning trigger. Lodging and meals are not included in workshop price. Custom workshops also available.

Estimated lodging:  $55 double occupancy, $110 single, plus tax at Redland Hotel in Homestead.
Airport for pickup:  Miami, FL
Hiking Rating - Easy
Minimum number of participants - 1; maximum participants - 4.


                                             © Robert Chaplin

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