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Robert Chaplin


       Everglades Experience , South Florida Summer Skies & Lightning,

North Carolina Waterfalls


                                                                                    ©Robert Chaplin


Robert  Chaplin is a South Florida native with an intimate knowledge of the Everglades and surrounding areas.

 Having sixteen years of experience in nature photography and a lifetime of experience in the Everglades, Robert has combined his love for the Everglades with his passion for photography to provide our clients with a one of a kind “Everglades Experience”. Add to that, his patient teaching style and friendly demeanor and you have the makings of a workshop experience you will never forget.

 As Robert starts his second year as a group leader for The Nature Workshops, his continual goal is to help each member of his group to develop, or expand on, their own style of nature photography. The days will be sunrise to moonrise long, with time taken out during the middle of the day to rest, review images, or further discuss photographic techniques.

 Whether he is instructing the novice or intermediate photographer, his interactive teaching style makes his workshops productive and enjoyable.

 Few people truly experience the Florida Everglades. Join Robert on this Everglades Experience and see the River of Grass in an entirely new light.

Robert's Web page:


                                   ©Robert Chaplin                                                 ©Robert Chaplin    



                     ©Robert Chaplin                                                        ©Robert Chaplin


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