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Free Colored Contacts: buy 2 pairs and receive a third pair free!
Free Best Offer: buy 3 or more pairs and receive two additional
pairs free! 
If you prefer Freshlook Colored Contacts disposables by the box, we
recommend: www.contactlenses-onsale.com.
Very Important: When you order your colored contact lenses, remember
to include the color of the free pair as well. If you don't we will assume you
want us to do it for you.

For Freshlook Colorblends and
Freshlook Colors


Least Eye Color Change - Selected by the pair

Blue Colors   
Green Colors 
Violet Colors 
Gray Colorblends 
Amethyst Colorblends 

Moderate Eye Color Change - Selected by the pair

Hazel Colors   
Blue Colorblends 
Green Colorblends 
Brown Colorblends 
Honey Colorblends 

Most Eye Color Change - Selected by the pair

Turquoise Colorblends   
Pure Hazel Colorblends 
True Sapphire Colorblends 

Latest Colorblends - Selected by the pair

Sterling Gray Colorblends   
Brilliant Blue Colorblends 
Gemstone Green Colorblends 

Freshlook Dimensions - Select by the pair

Note: Do not order the Dimensions if you have naturally brown colored eyes.
Instead of changing eye color Dimension lenses only add color to naturally
light colored eyes, such as hazel, green or blue eyes.

Pacific Blue Dimensions  
Caribbean Aqua Dimensions  
Sea Green Dimensions  
To calculate your purchase price, you must enter the total
number of pairs you want to purchase, be sure to include
your free pair(s). For example, you want to order 3 pairs, so
you should select 3 pairs (buy 2 get 1 free) = $79.90.
*Enter total number of pairs
Enter number of plastic lens  
storage cases  


Prescription Information

Right Eye (OD)

Left Eye (OS)
Enter your sphere/power
  (Range from + 6.00 to - 8.00 )
   (0.00 = no power)
Base Curve (BC)
  (Only available in median/8.6)


Diameter (DIA)
  (Only available in 14.5)



* What is your natural eye color?

*Are you a returning customer?

* If New Customer, enter your doctor or provider's name.

* If New Customer, enter your doctor or provider's phone number and besure to include the area code.

Notice: If you don't know the phone number requested, try doing a Google search by entering your provider's professional specialty, provider's last name, city, state, and area code. Utilize appropriate professional specialty keywords such as: MD, OD, physician, ophthalmologist, optician, optometrist, or laser surgeon.

Special Exception: If the package is going outside the USA (including APO's), the doctor information is not required. Instead you may enter the word "exempt" in the required fields above.

  Last exam date


Shipping Information

Notice: Processing may take 2 to 3 days and generally includes verifying the prescription and the credit card address, submitting the credit card charges, obtaining the lenses, packaging the order and finally putting it in the mail.
* Choose a Shipping Method
* Enter First Name
* Enter Last Name
Enter birth date if under eighteen
* Enter Delivery Address, and besure to include Apt # and Suite # if applicable
* City
* State/Province
* Zip Code / Postal Code
If Outside USA, enter Country
Home Phone with Area Code
Work Phone with Area Code
Cell Phone with Area Code
* Enter your email address
Who may we thank for referring you to us?
Enter friend's name here

Billing Information

Choose your type of payment: Credit Card  (fill in below)
Personal Check
Money Order
not sure
Notice: If you are paying by check or money order, we need to receive your
payment before shipping out your order.
If paying by check, please allow an additional two weeks time for your check to
clear the bank before your order will be shipped.

Credit Card Information:

Type of Credit Card to use
Credit Card Number (include spaces)
(example: 1234  4321  1234  4321)

Enter your credit card # again,
to show it was correct

Credit Card Expiration Date
Cardholder's Name on Credit Card
Enter the Security Code (3-4 digits) or the 800# on the back of card
If your credit card's billing address does not match the shipping
address above, then please supply the credit card's billing
address in the area below.
Zip/Postal Code

Additional Information

Please provide any additional information in the area provided below. If you want confirmation of your order, please provide your e-mail address.

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