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Painting Contractors - Increase your 
Profits by adding Refinishing Services!

INCREASE your sales and profits by offering your current customers Refinishing Services of bathtubs, tile, countertops, appliances, fiberglass shower enclosures, and kitchen cabinets; in addition to your current commercial painting services! Now is the time to expand into this profitable service before competition drives the prices down!

Yes, we are the manufacturers and distributors of EP-Acrylic, a high performance acrylic-polymer coating with many of the advantages of polyurethanes, but without the ISOCYANATES. This product has been used, tested, and preferred by Refinishing contractors all across America for over eleven (11) years. We also offer ASTM approved slip resistant surface (SRS) products for the hospitality industry, Training, marketing assistance, and equipment.

Refinishing saves your customers over 70% vs. costly and messy replacement.

Your company can get in on the 'ground floor' of one of the fastest growing business opportunities to come along in years! Your technicians are already familiar with the spray equipment and techniques necessary to start making you money in refinishing. We can train them on our tested application procedures or simply help them by phone.

Profit margins for refinishing are 3 - 4 times higher than margins for the highly competitive interior/exterior paint contracting business. Coatings cost about $18-20 per tub and many refinishers are getting over $200 or more for a refinished tub, with only 2-3 hours labor.

This process has rapidly grown in the multi-family apartment and hospitality areas over the last few years. Many commercial painters across the U.S. have already added Refinishing to their services.

NOW is the time for your company to expand it's services and PROFITS with your current customers. Don't force them to call and get an additional contractor to handle their Refinishing needs, let us help your current staff to use our exclusive application procedures and coatings, It's EASY!

We offer everything you need: High performance/safer coatings, refinishing training on site or on the job training by our in-house experts with over ten (10) years of experience, marketing and pricing assistance, and more.

DON'T let your customers do costly replacement or hire another contractor . . . become their refinishing contractor and increase PROFITS on your current projects with your current customers! Let us help your company become "Tomorrow's paint contractor Today!"

Call Phil or Robert at 800-773-7336 or email us for more details TODAY.

NEW do-it-yourself video (on cabinets and counters) available. 
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