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Integrity Refinishing Coatings 
Customer Testimonies

"We have used EP-Acrylic bathtub refinishing coatings exclusively for the past 14 years with tremendous success in all multi-family situations. Training school really helped us. We do our own properties as well as others for profit." - Joyce, Owner,  JEM Slikrylic, Bethesda, Maryland 

"I went to the training school a little uncertain on Monday, left the training really excited on Wednesday, was in a Home Show Friday thru Sunday, and had 35 confirmed jobs by the end of my first week. Have anyone even considering this opportunity call me and I'll confirm there is really a lot of customer interest out there. I found out quickly, even before my spray equipment and initial order had arrived." - Carroll Annis, former Insurance Agent, Baton Rouge, LA

"After 16 years of use, EP-Acrylic has proven itself to be a quality bathtub refinishing coating that has withstood the test of time." - Don Taylor, Owner, All Surface Refinishing, Dallas, Texas

"Being an architect, I know the hassles with replacing bathtubs or countertops. I have been amazed at the ease and durability of EP-Acrylic refinished surfaces. Great opportunities abound in the Pacific Rim/Far East for these advanced coatings. We are really growing in commercial applications" - Achara Pangpong, Owner, AmTech Exim, Thailand

"After more than 15 years of use, EP-Acrylic has proven itself to be a superior bathtub Refinishing coating that has been durable and cost efficient for my Company. It's fast dry time makes it especially helpful for Hotel projects. I train new franchises with this system all the time." - Ed Naro, Owner, Miracle Method, Corpus Christi, Texas

"We have used EP-Acrylic refinishing coatings exclusively for over 11 years. Its multi-surface applications allow us to reduce complexity in our system. EP-Acrylic has proven to be as durable and long lasting as any Urethane for bathtub refinishing." - Bernie Kuchinski, owner, Surface Doctor/Miracle Method, Tampa, Florida

"We have really increased our profits since adding refinishing to our interior painting services for our multi-family customers. We now have an advantage over other painting firms who do NOT offer refinishing that is not price only. Refinishing is our most profitable service." Richard, owner, Contemporary Contractors, Dallas, Texas

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