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Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Business Opportunities

Have you ever thought of or dreamed of starting your own Business?

Industry: The Bathroom and Kitchen remodeling Industry is a $42 billion dollar Industry growing at +20% per year. Refinishing is the fastest growing segment of this Industry. NOW is the time and Refinishing is the Business.

Profitability: Profit margins for refinishing are Three to Four times higher than margins for the highly competitive interior/exterior painting, flooring, or tile contracting businesses. Coatings cost about $18/tub and many refinishers are getting over $250 for a refinished bathtub!

Consumer benefits: Refinishing saves your future customers at least 70% vs. costly, messy, slow replacement. Not only is this business profitable it SAVES consumers significantly vs. the other alternatives.

Customer base: Refinishing is a business opportunity for Residential home owners, multi-family apartment owners, hotel and hospitality owner and operators, commercial property owners, and public buildings like schools, hospitals, and government housing. 

We at, Integrity Refinishing Coatings, can offer you everything you need to get started: High performance/safer coatings, refinishing, training with our exclusive 100% Money Back Guarantee; at our site or on the job training by our in-house experts with over fifteen (15) years of experience, marketing and pricing support, on-going technical support, and more. Low upfront costs of less than $3,000! 

Let's review the benefits of Refinishing as a Business Opportunity:

  • Low Investment (less than $3,000) / High Profit

  • Excellent Profitability Proven Business Model

  • Minimal competition

  • Huge Residential and Commercial customer base

  • Corporate Support/"Tub University" Training

  • High performance/safer "Refinishing System"

  • Proven Advertising & Marketing Services

  • Experience support Team

    Too good to be true? Call us for References, 
    then ask them!

    100% Money Back Guarantee: If for any reason a customer does not feel that "Tub University" was worth the $500 fee we will immediately Refund 100% their money, no questions asked.  

    Call Robert or Phil for details, Training school dates, or other information.

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