Here's what
one recent student said:

"Captains Len, Peter, and David are licensed teachers with calm and reassuring demeanors. They adapt their teaching style to fit the student(s), but tend to go with a hands-on approach, which we felt was extremely beneficial to our particular group. After the first ten minutes in the water, the students piloted the boat the entire time we were underway. The teachers use the phrase "Set yourself up to succeed" quite a bit and they constantly supervise, but only intervene when absolutely necessary."

C. Platt
Oakland, CA


Instructors have over 25 years of teaching experience.


All instructors have United States Coast Guard licenses.


On line access, open seven days a week, instructional materials, and advanced courses available.


Free Charter and Vessel Purchase consultations
Private and personalized training also available

All classes are "hands on" and "underway"
on the beautiful San Francisco Bay. Class size is limited.

In Harbor Close Quarters – 2-Day Class
Basic power boat handling and safety course

Standard Rate:

$695.00 per attendee

Classes start at 8:00 AM at the Ballena Isle Marina Fuel Dock, 1150 Ballena Blvd. #121, Alameda, CA 94501
Call in advance for specific times and directions

Radar Day On The Bay– 1-Day Class
Essential fundamentals learned on a specially outfitted radar training vessel

Standard Rate:

$395.00 per attendee

For additional information, or assistance:
Send this e-mail, or Call at:510-865-8600

Trawler School
1138A Ballena Blvd. • Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 865-8770 • Fax (510) 865-5560

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