Here's what
one recent student said:

"Captains Len, Peter, and David are licensed teachers with calm and reassuring demeanors. They adapt their teaching style to fit the student(s), but tend to go with a hands-on approach, which we felt was extremely beneficial to our particular group. After the first ten minutes in the water, the students piloted the boat the entire time we were underway. The teachers use the phrase "Set yourself up to succeed" quite a bit and they constantly supervise, but only intervene when absolutely necessary."

C. Platt
Oakland, CA




The Trawler School Now Offers
This Very Important Course

This one day course will focus on all aspects of Radar usage and will certainly provide you with a beneficial and educational information needed to safely operate your vessel under reduced visibility and night conditions.

In one day aboard a specially outfitted trawler, you will learn the essential fundamentals to boating with radar.


  1. Get yourself safely into a safe harbor during low visibility conditions.
  2. Use radar as a working navigation tool to transit in fog
  3. Learn what ships, land masses & bridges look like on a working radar
  4. Understand what working radar won't see and what it can distort
  5. Learn how to easily & systematically satisfy Rule 19 of the rules-of-the-road
  6. See emergency techniques to use if your radar unit goes off-line when in use.

All this will be done "Hands On, Underway" aboard a specially outfitted working radar training vessel operating throughout the day around central San Francisco Bay.

You will be build a practical, "Hands on, Underway" knowledge of working radar, learning effective, skill building techniques. This is not the formal, classroom training used to qualify licensed operators and vessel masters for a Radar Endorsement.

You will receive a certificate of completion of attendance at the end of the training day. This certificate along with the course curriculum may qualify you for a discount on your insurance. At the end of your day, you will have an overall awareness of What to ask from working radar and how to use it effectively.


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