Here's what
one recent student said:

"Captains Len, Peter, and David are licensed teachers with calm and reassuring demeanors. They adapt their teaching style to fit the student(s), but tend to go with a hands-on approach, which we felt was extremely beneficial to our particular group. After the first ten minutes in the water, the students piloted the boat the entire time we were underway. The teachers use the phrase "Set yourself up to succeed" quite a bit and they constantly supervise, but only intervene when absolutely necessary."

C. Platt
Oakland, CA





DAY ONE - Saturday:

Overview of Boating and Boating Physics

Model-based instruction
Boating safety
Use of fenders
Boating terms
Engine explanation
Understanding prop walk and the rudder.


Turning the boat using "prop walk," "prop wash," and the rudder.
Tight maneuvering in close-harbor conditions (Extensive instruction)
Small turn-radius turns
Docking and casting off
Three rules of throttle control
Warping (Docking and casting off in adverse or high wind situations)
Understanding "wind lock" and the wind's effect on the boat's position and handling.
Judging the boatıs position on the waterline from the bridge. (a.k.a. "seeing through fiberglass")
Solo docking / casting off
Solo warping

Knots and Knot Uses

Bowline, Cleft hitch, Half-hitch, Running hitch, Clove hitch
Securing perpendicular and parallel loads
Sailor rescue (bowline)

DAY TWO: - Sunday:


Physics of the anchor and anchoring
Chain-to-rope ratios for different situations.
Performance exercise (solo)

Emergency Maneuvers

Sailor overboard
Williamson turn
Appointing a "spotter" for overboard alert.

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