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The Peruvian Paso is the smoothest riding horse in the world. Bred in Peru for over 450 years, the Peruvian horse is smooth enough for riders with bad backs and other discomforts. Visit top Peruvian Paso websites featuring Peruvian horses for sale, breeding stallions, calendar of events, show results, and much more.

Peruvian Digest Online - the breed magazine for the Peruvian Paso Horse
The Breed Magazine for the Peruvian Horse

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The Peruvian Horse is treasured for its smooth gait and good temperament.  There are over 20,000 Peruvian Horses in the US.  The U.S. is the largest producer of Peruvian Horses in the world.





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Volume 11, No. 2
Our cover this issue features the Peruvian stallions of Pecan Valley Ranch in Weatherford, TX, owned by Luis and Jeanelle Dapelo. Pecan Valley Ranch
Peruvians can always be
found in the winners ribbons at regional and national Peruvian Horse shows.  Known for their stamina and gait, they are in demand from both trail riders and show competitors. Pecan Valley mares can be found in the Peruvian foundation stock of Peruvian horse breeders across America. We hope you enjoy our article on two of our breed’s most charismatic people; Lucho and Jeanelle Dapelo. Our cover is by artist Marlys Gallagher

Peruvian Paso Horses Articles Peruvian Horse Articles:

A Cadillac and a Pickup Truck
From its very origin, the Peruvian Paso Horse has been bred for luxury and endurance. Peruvian Horses were expected to carry their owners over great distances in comfort. The origins of the Peruvian Horse are traced back to.....

The Peruvian Horse
Over 450 years of selective breeding have gone into producing the ultimate pleasure horse -- the Peruvian Paso. With its four-beat lateral gait, the Peruvian Paso horse gives its rider.....

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