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Bill Darmitzel

©Bill Darmitzel                                                                              ©Bill Darmitzel

    Bill grew up in New Mexico and was influenced by the southwestern and artistic flavors of Santa Fe, his hometown.  During those years he fell in love with the black and white photography of Ansel Adams and the color photography of Ernst Haas.  A quotation attributed to Haas, “I am not interested in shooting new things – I am interested to see things new,” has stuck in Bill’s mind since his teens.  Influenced by the culture and colors of Santa Fe and Haas’ color work, Bill has been personally drawn to color photography since childhood.  He currently favors medium format (645) to express his visions through landscape and macro photography.  He uses 35mm (both film and digital) for travel and wildlife photography.  Bill is a member of the North America Nature Photography Association, a field contributor to Nature Photographer magazine, and a former composition student of Freeman Patterson.  He has been associated with The Nature Workshops since the late 1990s.  Bill’s passion for travel and love of North America is expressed in his photography.

    The locations at which Bill leads workshops are all places he has been visiting for his photography for several years and sites with which he is intimately familiar.  His teaching style is casual and his groups will work hard in the field, often catching the wonderful light of both sunrise and sunset on the same days.

    ©Bill Darmitzel                                                              ©Bill Darmitzel                                                            ©Bill Darmitzel

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