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Freshlook ColorBlends
(6 lenses per box) -


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Freshlook Colors
(6 lenses per box) -


Select boxes for each eye
  Right Eye Left Eye  
Blue Colors -
Green Colors -
Hazel Colors -
Violet Colors -

Select your sale price for Colorblends and Colors by entering
the total number of boxes selected. (For example: if you select
2 box for the right eye and 2 box for left eye, then select 4 boxes.)
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Diameter (DIA)
  (Only available in 14.5)



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Notice: If you do not know the above phone number, try doing a Google search entering your provider's professional specialty, provider's last name, city, state, area code. Professional specialty keywords to use: MD, OD, physican, ophthalmologist, optometrist, optician, laser surgeon, and lasik.

Special Exception: packages going outside the USA (including APO's), the doctor information is not required. Just enter the word "exempt" in the above required fields.

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Please Notice: Processing may take 2 to 3 days and generally includes verifying the prescription and the credit card address, submitting the credit card charges, obtaining the lenses, packaging the order and finally putting it in the mail.
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